They were between the opampinputbuffer and the UCD powerstage. This was the last time. I had these comments from Peter Pan: I never had the mains transformer on board, so to speak. First look at the ‘heretical linestage’ is that its probably over budget.

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The Tube CAD Journal:SRPP vs. White Cathode Follower

Moving wires around at any stage during construction didn’t make any reduction in hum at all. On the other hand, if only one tube envelope can be used per channel and the power supply cannot be greatly taxed and some gain is needed and a somewhat low output impedance is needed to drive a fairly low impedance load, then the SRPP is the best choice.

Out of three attenuators bought from Hong Kong, three has been faulty. Jul 19, at 3: New layout for wot line stage. Postage cost can’t be calculated. First look at the ‘heretical linestage’ is that its probably over budget. I’ve had a few line stages in for comparison over the years but none that made me even consider changing this WOT line stage.

Post 6 of 6. All chassis parts after primer paint. No change in hum. Frequency sweep from battery bias set-up. OT load is increased to 1.

6n6p operating point?

Finished with phones output added! Have tried external, heavily regulated 6 V supply: The series resistor should be no larger than the anode impedance of valve used at the operating point used divided by ten. Trying true start earthing of all ground connections didn’t help either.

I’m currently running the Amperex tube, thus ohms and 4. Does it improve the sound?

One thing I can say: I removed the decoppling caps of 22uf from the UCD pcb. The item may be missing its original packaging, or the original packaging has been opened or is no longer sealed. The outcome of all above is two versions of the line stage. Pay with PayPal and you’re fully protected.

Phones from ohms tap. Not the problem here.

AC is used for filament supply in the original TRAM and from all similar wot line stage constructions I have found on the web, all have DC filament supply for the tubes. I culd even use a couple of 1. Not a giant leap, but a significant improvement. Post 2 of 6.

Makes implementation very easy. Cloning the TRAM isn’t particularly difficult having the amp and assembly instruction at hand. I have the standard serie and i used it for 2 years. So, with the capacitor removed and a 1.

Jan 13, at 8: