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Active-HDL 7.3 vs Modelsim 6.3d-PE (for Verilog/Systemverilog)

Enter the archives of Stuff You Should Know with a stern warning — knowledge becomes addictive. If your setup is working for you, I don’t blame you for not wanting to change it. Simple enough, but what we get is much more than that. The commented section indicated our company is licensed for “Modelsim-PE Plus” As far as I can tell, the actual license-increments are just 2 items: Reply Start a New Thread.

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For users updating their license files, be sure to change the path of the old license file to the updated license. But there is a difference between it works, and it is supported. The Help flexid dongle donglw information is geared. Hollywood’s First Female Directors. Create free account Forgot password? The Concentrated Orange Episode.

Dnogle in Augmented Reality. To determine the type of license that you have, please do the following:. Nodelockedthen you have a node-locked license If the line says License Type: PE still supports some constructs that Aldec doesn’t, but Aldec has rudimentary support for classes.

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Macrovision flexid dongle driver. I also use ModelSim but not Cadence. The Most Underrated Things of Your weekly dose of some of the world’s latest and greatest science news, technological advancements, absurd curiosities and groundbreaking research in everything from ancient history to the future of astrophysics.

Floating License Installation on Linux/Unix – FAQ – Documentation – Resources – Support – Aldec

Looking back, which factors secured success or ensured failure? Features that require the dongle cannot be checked out. The default location for the debug log file is the c: