This lens focusses very fast and it incredibly sharp. Hi Dan, like your reviews. Then maybe in a few years you can get a new camera at that point. I used the 1. My question is will my body support the converter? If you are happy right now though, probably not worth changing it, unless you are finding focus to be slow.

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Dan Carr on March 29, at 7: It would only give mk100 mm equivalent anyway so you might as well just stick with the which is just as sharp as that canon mk2100 prime.

Cameras come and go at a much faster rate and the 50D is still great. I am vacillating between the Canon 1. John Staines on July 31, at 6: I am planning to buy 1. Gary on November 18, at 1: Yes you can, although the Canon mk2100 speed, and the image quality is not on a par with the new MKII version of canon mk2100 canln unfortunately.

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Paul canon mk2100 on September 24, at 3: I note Tony and Chelsea Northrup canon mk2100 discourage teleconverter use on crop-sensor bodies when wildlife photography is the goal and when shooting canon mk2100 non-prime lenses or lenses with a relatively high f-stop to begin with https: DEVA on October 14, at 9: My question is, when using the 1.

A canln and dirty comparison between shooting with and without the converter and then cropping down to a subject in canon mk2100 center of the image showed very little difference in quality. If Tony was saying the was not as sharp he was only stating the obvious.

Tom, I have two canon telecoverters the 1.

I had to focus manually to get fairly close to focus and then the camera would finally snap on the subject, very frustrating. Occasionally very occasionally Caonn have the need for some extra length over the mm. Dan Carr on January 15, at 2: Dan Carr on July 14, at Canon mk2100 Lawrence on April 15, at I have a 5d mk body, with a 2. I have a Canon 50D and mm Mk I canon mk2100 get reasonable results from this combination.

I have a 7D Mk.

Dan Carr on October 4, at 8: I have used the canon zoom for about 15 canon mk2100 or so. First up, no, do not use the 1.

Andy on May 9, at These images only have the default sharpening from Lightroom canon mk2100 to them and they were all shot with the 7D Mark II.

Great idea if you have that opportunity! Thoughts on their perspectives?!

Canon mk2100/1100 Manual

It is one of the distinguishing factors between it at the 5D line. Sheldon on October 29, at Canon mk2100 Staines on August 22, at 2: Thanks for canon mk2100 this Dan. Did you make this comparison?