Ton M 3, 74 3 71 2 43 2 1 Gos 65 2! Rio Rio Cali – Mo 0 ref. Entries in the remarks column of Section II of the TOE designate specific individuals to be armed with a weapon, or weapons, other than the rifle. Seat mine firmly in snug fitting hole. Nomatec Nomatec Monolith 0 ref. Co A Sup and Svc.

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Pour en profiter, saisissez le code promotion:. Two 40mm Grenade Launchers.

Greatest distance weapon will fire. Digital Cube Digital Cube i2 0 ref. Characteristics of Army Aircraft.

Characteristics of Army Helicopters. TnPV X m -iO w. See appropriate TM Series aircraft operator’s manual for correct airspeed and m25 consumption. It contains data on organizations, detaiis of equipment, and tables pertinent to armor operations. N’attendez plus les soldes pour faire une bonne affaire!

This troop list is published for the information and guidance of students and faculty of the US Army Armor School. The true airspeed which an aircraft can normally be expected to maintain at some standard power setting below rated military power.

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Rifle mounted grenade launchers, however, d-jjx authorized the squad, section, etc, in bulk for use as desired by the commander. Quartek Quartek MPX 0 ref. Characteristics of Individual and Crew-Served Weapons. In this text, the following abbreviations are used to indicate the specific weapon s authorized each individual.

Ton M 3, 74 3 71 2 43 2 1 Gos 65 2! Inovix Inovix iMP – 1 Go 0 ref. Sandisk Sandisk Clip Sport – 16 Go 0 ref. The combat units of the divisions ore designated in accordance with the combat arms regimental system CARS.

Zone of supported unit. Co B, C, D, Med.

Lenco Lenco CD 0 ref. Essayez notre moteur de recherche, il vous permettra surement de trouver votre produit. Belltvilit- Spring 20 to JS Ur.

Oracom Oracom UB – 1 Go 0 ref. R 1 SP4 63B!

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Voir cette promo chez Boulanger. The combat support and combat service support units not included under the combat arms regimental system have the same numerical designation as the division to which assigned. Diameter of illuminated area will be reduced by rain, fog, dust, and smoke.

Creative Labs Creative Jukebox 2 0 ref. Airis Airis MP 0 ref. Niarr vision sight crew served weapon: Sony NW-E 22 Ref. Initiating nonelectric 1 detecting set mine: Co A Sup and Svc. Oceanic Oceanic MP54 0 ref.