The length guide extends beyond the edge of the tray for paper that is longer than mm. Remove any paper in the output tray and return the paper stopper to its original position. Also initially I had some problems with the printer not being available. The support is as useful as a raw prawn For an entry-level offering, the Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CFS multifunction provides good print quality at a consistent speed, though its consumables are slightly expensive.

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Xerox DocuPrint C1190 FS User Manual

With the document open in your application, click File, and then click Print. There is a foreign object inside the printer. It’s been going for a docupgint and it still feels like new.

The transfer unit is old or damaged.

Specifies the time between redial attempts. Your web browser launches and our web site is displayed. Replacing the Consumables Fuser Unit The fuser unit is a component in the printer that uses heat and pressure to fuse toner onto paper.

Contact your Xerox Customer Support Center. Please read this guide to achieve the best performance from this printer. Push the button to exit the Power Saver mode. Supported Paper And Media Using paper that is not appropriate for the printer can cause paper jams, image quality problems, or printer failure. Safety Notes Warning and Caution Labels Be sure to follow the warning and caution labels docuprit on the machine. Remove a new doocuprint unit from its packaging. Condensation inside the printer causes partial blanks or creased paper.

A spring is attached to the rear side of the ADF Pad.

Pull out the jammed paper remaining inside the printer. Copying This chapter includes: Once you notice any unusual condition, switch off and unplug this product first and contact your local Fuji Xerox representative. When you perform manual 2- sided printing, the printer first prints the even-numbered pages on the front side side 1 of each sheet. You can also store the print data in the printer without attaching a password.

The user ID and password set on this page will be used also on your print driver. These speeds are quite slow for a laser printer. Specifies the number of redial attempts. The fuser unit becomes very hot when the printer is in use, so do not touch it.

Fuji Xerox DocuPrint C / CFS Reviews –

The paper printing direction can be selected from Portrait and Landscape. No device drivers for anything but Windows – Linux folks take note.

Before cleaning this product, turn off the dockprint and remove the power cord from the electrical outlet. Meter 1, Meter 2, Meter 3, and Meter 4.

Select Sharpness, and then press the OK button. On the printer console, click the Email button. Description of Menu Items on page Blues can have a slightly purple hue and don’t mix well with black text, but otherwise the colour palette is certainly acceptable for professional documents and graphics. Page 89 Printing on Specialty Media If necessary, press the paper guides inward to fit the paper.

Copying Copying This chapter includes: Document Feeder Document Glass Insert originals face up with the top of the page Lift the document feeder or the document glass cover, entering the feeder first. Penalties of fines or imprisonment may be imposed on those found guilty.