Before going to the expense of finding a new laptop, try Linux. There is an easy way to see if Linux recognises a serial connection. Have you tried the website of the Scanner for a Driver? The software probably looks at port 1 by default. Look for used laptops that have a genuine serial port, a Dell C or a Toshiba, dedicate it for running with the scanner. How do I solve this? This site is completely free — paid for by advertisers and donations.

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JohnWill segial, Dec 14, Other drivers most commonly associated with Dse Usb Serial Cable problems: Oft times I had to reboot the PC or carefully make sure I plugged it in after certain other drivers kicked in. Are you looking for the solution to your computer problem?

DSE Lite – Complete Programming Kit

Dse Usb Serial Cable There is an easy way to see if Linux recognises a serial connection. Do you already have an account? The success or not of the device will depend on the drivers supplied.

Most likely, they’ll know how to connect to it via PC. Click here to join today!

Welcome to Tech Support Guy! If it does, then going onward from there should be fairly easy. I need to connect 2 RS leads to my laptop which has not RS ports!

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Before you go any further, check the software on the Modem and SSB controller to see what range of Com numbers they support. I haven’t used these before, but suggest you make sure they come with some sort of software driver for your computer so that it, and the software you are using, are properly configured to use the USB port and adaptor as an RS BytemanDec 14, Also, if you need two serial ports one seriall the modem and one to control the radio many laptops only have one PCMCIA port or two so close together that only one converter card which typically too a ‘fat’ end on them can be used at once.

Thanks – the adapter does come with a 5m USB cable so I could mount it securely behind the instrument panel and just run a USB cable to the laptop which will make it more secure.

My “easysync” has a ferrite and the overall length is c. Dse Usb Serial Cable now has a special edition for these Windows versions: So a mechanically good solution if the power is there My point exactly, I believe you will just be spending good money after bad on this quest, I’d get the correct cable and plug it into a serial port.

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serual Therefore USB with some ferrites may be the way forwards. It would help to know exactly what phone you have, I suspect it may be problematic. Hi, This site may help- takes a while to open due to large amount of pics, but it has everything to do with cabling and connectors that can change ports to what you need.

USB to Serial Adapter. There’s a setting in the scanner software to choose port, and there’s an option with the usb-rs adapter brand name. One for the modem and one for the SSB controller.

My laptop doesn’t have a serial port, so I purchased a usb-rs cable with a driver. They are available but cablle suspicion is that the program may not support it?

If data transfer is limited to using a serial connection, then I doubt that a “serial to USB adapter” will actually work? Download and burn to CD Ubuntu.

This option requires no OS understanding. Join overother people just like you! Is there a way cale can make my usb port act like a serial port so i can use a usb cable to send through it serial information.