Last edited by stratman; at It seems like an interesting discussion. This driver does not support the Edirol branded FA Many, including Jim Roseberry, have said Edirols work fine. Do you have any tips? I did try Centrance’s Latency Test Utility and couldn’t get it to work. Sorry if I’m too lazy to download, install, and run your benchmarking software.

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But now I cant get it at all any ideas? Now I’m very confused. I tried deleting the aud. Find all posts by Miguemiguemigue.

Manufacturers publish lies on specs with incorrect values because it looks better. Register your product and stay up-to-date with the latest warranty information. I think you should bring your laptop to a dealer and make the same test using a few different Firewire interface from different makers.

It explains exactly what it does and the truth about latency.

Originally Posted by stratman bullo, I think you accidentally put your post in the spam trap part of the forum. Pro Tools should then load up at that buffer size. In Pro Tools I can’t set the buffer size, fz-66 I choose the Edirol FA driver the buffer size parameter disappear and when I confirm the change Pro tools shows the error that I told before.

I finally realized this initial warning dialog box was somehow coming from Premier not Sonar even though I was starting Sonar! Find More Posts by bullshark.

FA-66 ASIO Driver

As I explaied, the best PCI cards give around 5ms. And, just to put thing in perspective, 10ms round trip latency is the aiso as sitting 11 feet from your guitar amp at sea level when playing. Delay a snare by only 5ms and it starts getting a “laid back” feeling, if you delay it by 20ms bpmthe groove will sound pretty crappy.

Insert a 30ms hesitation into a drum loop, it will probably throw you out of the groove. What usually works for me is to set the buffer in the interface control panel before starting Pro Tools. These figures vary from source to source, some say 10ms. Sorry if I’m too lazy to download, install, and run your benchmarking software. Well it’s very interesting to me, but I’m a bit of a nerd about these things.

In fact Sonar keeps running fine. Find More Posts by stratman. So latency is bettere in that case.

Roland – Support – FA – Updates & Drivers

If it’s, what I can do to manage this problem? Just connect the output 1 to input 1 not the pres, jsut line level out to line level in. Ecirol FA Driver v1. Edirol UA70 into Pro Tools. I made no changes to my computer. As it seems to be a very worthy subject, I was hoping that someone might move it if I keep going on about it but nobody ever listens to me I just axio the same test on my Tomeport UX1 and got the result below.

Please select one of the following supported buffer sizes in the device ddirol panel: Fort Worth, TX Status: It is very frustrating Register Products Protect your investment. However, later in the day when starting Sonar, I no longer was getting sound.

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