There is a driver CD disk that came with your graphics accelerator, please insert it now. Setting for performance is best used for situations where a high level of realism is required for the object’s shape and reflective properties. Anisotropic filtering can be set to favor either an increase in system processing performance or improved image quality: No part of this manual may be reproduced or transmitted in any from without the expressed, written permission of GBT. Easy Driver Pro will scan your computer for missing, corrupt, and outdated Drivers. After getting into Safe Mode, in Device Manager check whether the driver for the graphics card is correct. Or Easy Driver Pro registered version

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The actual resolutions supported depend on the monitor you use. Please refer to the monitor’s manual.

The Advanced view is recommended for experienced users. Easy Driver Pro updates your Driversbased on the scan, and matches to the latest most compatible versions.

Gigabyte GV-RX80256D Manuals

Adjusting the Contrast control alters the overall contrast. Select the Live Update check box and click Flash.

Then the driver installation is completed. The card contains sensitive electric components, which can be easily damaged by static electricity, so the card should be left in its original packing until it is installed.

When it is finished scanning it will automatically update them to the latest, most compatible version. Information Center The Information Center provides detailed information in one location about the installed graphics hardware, graphics software, system hardware, and system software.

Enter your name and company. Some manufacturers do not allow the built-in graphics to be disabled or to become the secondary display. Follow the Wizard’s on-screen instructions to giyabyte the installation. If you are unsure of how to configure anti-aliasing, use the Let gigabytd Application Decide option.

Setting for performance is best used with applications that display objects with smooth, simple surfaces, like those seen in CAD applications. By doubling the maximum allowable length of the shader programs, more complex effects can be created to accurately model the visual properties of materials and surfaces, including hair, skin, wood, and water.

You can also adjust the horizontal and vertical sync or enable composite sync. Or, if your computer has any on-board graphics capability, you may need to disable it on the motherboard.

Click gigabyhe Install DirectX 9 item.

Now that you have prepared your computer, you are ready to install your graphics accelerator card. Change the command prompt to A: The slider enables you to adjust for overall system performance, overall 3D image quality, or a gigabyhe between the two. Click Express or Custom icon.

Gigabyte GV-RXD Manuals

You can also enable Extended Identification Data. This page is useful when you are not aware of which type of 3D settings your application uses, or when you want to use an overall adjustment control that rapidly configures your application. A profile applies to a specific graphics card.

When installing the graphics card, do not push down the heat pipe. Define and save your own personal video settings that can be quickly activated manually, through a Hotkey, or by file association. Visit the device manufacturer’s website to download the latest versions. Setting for quality is best used when having highly detailed and realistic 3D objects is the primary concern.

Ggiabyte the Color Correction Images to e preview the gigbyte before applying them. Adjusting the Brightness and Contrast can be useful for 3D games that display dimly lit scenes. The following is the step-by-step installation gigabye. Found new hardware wizard: The Custom view is recommended for experienced users who want to expose only the features they adjust most often or that their 3D application supports.

Shipping and handling may cause damage to your card.