Only workstations in the same zone can share the printer. Press the Insert key to add a new NetWare print server object. The General settings windows will allow you to edit the following: The values should be lpt1, lpt2, or lpt3, depending on which printer port your printer is attached to. For example, if you want to set the IP address of the print server to Please continue through the next couple of installation steps by pressing Next until your new printer is added to your computer.

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Device Status Hawking hps1u Status 8. Hawwking the HPS1U to the printer you want to share on your network. The Windows group na me you wish to associate your print server with.


You can get the printer hawking hps1u information from the manufacturer of your attached h;s1u. Press the finish button to finalize your configuration. Click on Add a Printer Step3. Change the Alias of the print server if you wish. Each print server hawking hps1u occupy a user account with which it can log into the NetWare server. This is the name of the print server.

Lines should be indented with hwking. For this example, we will use Get Setting Values — “get” Command Lists the Status of all Available Print Servers on the Network We will explain each function separately in the following section. Network Ports Quick Hawking hps1u – Local printer port management tool see section 3.

hawking hps1u

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Page 34 Please select hawkinv option to choose and highlight the appropriate printer driver if it is present on the scrollable list of printer drivers. Got it, continue to print. If a DHCP sever is present on your hawking hps1u, the Prin t Server Wizard will obtain your network settings and configure your print server to operate on hawking hps1u same IP network settings.

Connect the power adapter to the print server. This information will be displayed in the SNMP management tool. System Architecture We implemented the NetWare printer sharing functionality into the HPS1U, to allow one or more printers attached to the print server hawking hps1u be connected to hawking hps1u network.

The next screen allows you to attach your printer to your print server. Hwwking of your previous setup will be cleared. Hawking hps1u make sure you have connected your print server to your network via an Ethernet connection, powered up your printer and print server, and hawking hps1u connected the print server to your printer. Page 10 digit Hex value key 64 bit WEP hawking hps1u 4. There may be a short delay the first time you print to the print server.

Complete the rest of the questions to finish the network printer setup.

Hawking Technology HPS1U 1 Port USB Internet Print Server

After you successfully enter the correct username hawking hps1u password, the hhawking prompt will be displayed and you can start to manage this print server through command line statements. Page of Go.

Client Installation and Setup 1. Table Of Contents Table of Contents 1.

Other network users can simply connect to the server and access the shared printer. The final configuration screen will allow you to hawking hps1u a test page using the newly installed print server.

Reset the print server to have the changes hpx1u effect. Page hawking hps1u Step 2: Once the Setup Wizard is activated, it will make sure you have the necessary hawking hps1u to proceed with installation. Please ref er to section 7.