A separate paper tray is also in the box. Stand-alone ability Print quality and longevity Versatile input options Consistent print cost. We continue to improve and revolutionize our production process to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and waste discharges, while increasing efficiency. Create a free account to like this page. The HiTi uses cartridges which are specifically designed to fit its range of printers. PictBridge-compatible digital cameras connect directly to the USB port on the front of the printer and photographs are transferred using the on-screen menu system.

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HiTi Photo Printer PS – printer – color – dye sublimation Overview – CNET

HiTi’s dye-sub photo printers are the first choice for overstudios and 2 million industry professional photographers worldwide. On the front right side of the printer are three slots. With a steady green light, in goes a CF card from the nearest camera. The Bad Expensive consumables; unappealing looks.

You might want to consider a different dye-sublimation printer if you’re really stretched for space, but if you can stand staring at this machine it delivers excellent photographs.

The memory card slots are easily visible and accessible to the right of the paper tray. Although the HiTi printr fair results even from a PictBridge connection, the difference even a few simple tweaks in Photoshop made to peinter finished prints was remarkable. Considering the rest of the unit has been designed in a vertical orientation it seems like a bizarre decision to feed the paper horizontally. We found the paper tray on the HiTi gave us occasional problems when we failed to realise that it wasn’t seated properly in the feeder mechanism, but we were hito to check this by the driver software when the paper failed to feed.

The Canon MG is a fast, easy-to-use printer with plenty of attractive features This, along with superior life span of prints created in prknter way, is turning them into a serious contender. It’s tricky to insert the print cartridge the first time round — the HiTi’s manual lacks some detail and contains some mildly unnerving translation mistakes. Performance The printer produced consistent results.

This is definitely not for the space-conscious. Three times for the three element colours, and the fourth time to lay down a layer of laminate to defend the photo against fingerprints, fading and moisture.

HiTi Digital – Hi-Touch Imaging Technology Innovation

Running Costs With the advent of inkjet manufacturers litigating against third party ink suppliers and the price of dye-sublimation printers coming down rapidly, the costs of owning and running one of these printers is looking more attractive all the time. The editing capabilities of both the PC software and the printer in stand-alone mode are fairly basic, although useful enough. Considering the HiTi produces standard xmm photographs, it’s massive. Hi-Touch makes a range of consumer oriented printers, but the one we tried, the PS, has the advantage that it will work as a phto unit that doesn’t need to be yiti to a PC.

Imaging Profession With thinking ahead and innovative product planning, we continue to establish self-owned patents and accredited technology to strengthen our core competitiveness across the commercial and consumer imaging markets.

Cookies help us deliver our service. Mac OS X v The handset, which sports five buttons and a rocker wheel as well as a small screen, lights up with an eight icon screen. When you’re responsible for both taking your shots and making them look good when they’re printed out, there’s a whole lot more to worry about. This is all in picture steps and, despite the illustrations being of an earlier version of the software, can be followed quite well.

The picture quality and tonal ability of the system, along with the longevity of the resultant prints also make it a worthwhile addition to the slightly more versatile inkjet when connected to a PC.

Press OK again brings the picture up to full screen and you have a choice phlto edit or print. The rocker wheel lets you scroll through them until you find one that you want to print. The HiTi PS is an especially clunky-looking example of the new range of dye-sublimation printers which are capable of results matching prints from traditional developers.

We found that sharpening was quite hit and miss, especially on the tiny screen on the handset, and better results could be had from a proprietary editing suite, but that is hardly surprising.

The HiTi generates the precise number of prints specified on each prlnter and paper pack combo, so there’s no dedicated ink gauge to worry about.

HiTi 641PS Photo Printer now from only 199.95

Consumables for the HiTi include glossy photo paper in dedicated reams of 50 sheets. These are becoming less pringer and are now a very good alternative to the inkjet. With thinking ahead and innovative product planning, we continue to establish self-owned patents and accredited technology to strengthen our core competitiveness across the commercial and consumer imaging markets.

It’s a plastic monolith with a huge slatted grill down the front and what looks like a CB radio handset hanging off the side. These insert with the wide border furthest from the printer body. This means that HiTi has inadvertently tripled the size of the PS in 64ps to other photoprinters.