Sometimes it will recognize the scanner and scan the first page, but then it stops and says no scanner is connected. If you cannot clear an alert on the printer’s control panel, stop here and check the printer’s documentation or contact the manufacturer for support. Robert Lesperance Robert Lesperance. Jun 23, 1: The printer shows up on the mac, of course since I can print to it just fine. Posted on Jan 8, 9:

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Connecting to HP Officejet A Plus I’m having trouble connecting my macbook air to my hp office jet a plus printer. Ask a question Reset.

Helpful answers Helpful answers All replies. It works with the more popular brands of printers without needing a computer. Ask a question Reset.

Problem using HP Officejet 6500 Wireless E709n with Apple iPad Air 2.

Two other Mac computers in the house have no trouble printing hp officejet 6500 apple this computer. If you cannot clear an alert on the printer’s control panel, stop here and check the printer’s documentation hp officejet 6500 apple contact the manufacturer for support.

Ask a question Reset. The appple Macs in the house that are able to see the printer on the network are running older operating systems than Yosemite. We are currently trying to figure out how to print the notes we take to our HP Officejet En, but we cant figure out how to print directly to the printer from the iPad. First of all, here is a guide to setting up a printer under Mavericks: Then, add the printer again.

AirPrint with hp office jet printer on wi fi. Your second problem is that the iPad Notes App does not seem to be able to print, even if hp officejet 6500 apple had the AirPrint printer.

It just can’t see the printer on that network. I understand that you are experiencing issues with your printer after updating to Appld X Yosemite.

The IMac is running Yosemite. I can fax with it.

Any suggestions on what we could alple to print our note directly to the printer instead of jumping through hoops to print them.? User profile for user: Thanks and have a great day. If that is a problem, it may be possible to fix it by changing hp officejet 6500 apple setup of the WiFi router, or updating its firmware.

Use HP OfficeJet A En-z to print? – Apple Community

Hey Leng Chee, Thanks for hp officejet 6500 apple question. Hi Fred, If I understand correctly, AirPrintActivator will allow us to print from our iPad to any printer connected directly to our computer if shared on the network an option in the system preferences.

Mar 10, 1: This hp officejet 6500 apple ensure the Mac is reading the printer, the printer is reading the signal from the Mac, the drivers are installed properly, and the printer is aplpe as expected.

No printers show up in the printer list. Reset the printing system.

Apple Watch Speciality level out of ten: User profile for user: Ican get printer to work using print central. How can I allow him to print from his iPad to his wireless network printer preventing to have to awake the computer every time he needs to print?

Leng Chee Leng Chee. Mar 5, 9: To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. I think this may be your best solution. There are no pending hp officejet 6500 apple.