Together with a T When opening the phone the player returns to the background and we are taken to the main menu. The Best PC Games. Another Walkman standard, the Music Mate guitar and piano chord guide app, is pre-loaded too, plus three games are included. The phone’s display takes up the upper portion of the body. This free phone offers a lot of features, but it doesn’t excel at many of them.

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Sony Ericsson W350i

Currently the phone costs a bit too much. The calendar has month and week views too, we can have one type of entry, which can have its location, ericsso, time, alarm and repetition.

The Best Phones of G G G G On the front on the external part of the flip we can find the music control keys. Always, in every situation. Messaging has barely changed, the keys are not an ideal partner for longer typing, but the situation is not that grim, one just has to get used to it. Sony Ericsson has packed the Wi with a standard kit of organiser tools — calendar, tasks, notes, alarms, timer, stopwatch, calculator and code memo — plus there’s a convertor app and voice snoy facility.

Sony Mobile mobile phones. But the Sony Ericsson Wi is also free, and it does pretty much everything the W does, just much better.

There are many of us like this, and because of this Wi had some advantage, because of sentimental reasons. On the side there is an orange stripe running along, while on the hinge at the bottom there is a discrete Walkman logo. Adding higher quality headphones is an easy option, thanks to the two-piece headset supplied, which has a standard 3.

The keys are tightly packed together and have little give when pushed; I had trouble pressing the center of the cursor pad, instead accidentally pressing the Up or Down controls. Its opening screen has a Google search option, which is handy, though browsing the full internet isn’t as satisfactory as faster, more capable Sony Ericsson handsets.

The tri-band phone’s call quality was disappointing, and I achieved only average signal strength in us tests. PCMag reviews products independentlybut we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page.

Imaging is not the main profile of Wi, this is evident. The Wi has a full Web browser, a more-capable camera, and stronger reception. Flip down the thin plastic piece that houses the music control buttons, though, and you find the phone’s keypad. P P P P P1.

Together with a T28 Exterior This handset is about the exterior. Emphasizing its music aspects, the phone features volume buttons and a dedicated Walkman key on its side.

Sony Ericsson Wi – flip-flap – Mobilarena MobileArsenal teszt – Nyomtatóbarát verzió

You get a very impressive audio performance, with great balance and a good depth of sonic detail. When looking inside the almost cube-shaped box, we get to see a stereo headset unfortunately not the earplug type and a USB cable besides the phone. This is recommended if you want to enjoy the full audio delights of the Walkman player — through our Sennheiser reference headphones, music playback sounded very pleasing indeed.

It’s essentially a camera for quick snaps, picture messages, and so on, but don’t expect good quality prints. The flip which is practically extinct nowadays, this kind of form factor has been killed by sliders, rotatables and clamshells. Poorly placed memory card slot.

The W does not support voice dialing, but it works with both mono and stereo Bluetooth headsets. In default mode, web pages are optimised for the mobile ericssn, and there’s a Smart-Fit option for small screen scrolling, but trying to view full web pages in their natural state can be slow and frustrating.

It is available in three versions: Introduction Ericsson T10, T18, T28… all of them are legends by now, exceptionally the last siny. No headphone jack on a music phone!

The power performance of the Wi was acceptable too. See also [ edit ] List of Sony Ericsson products v t e.